Art & Design

Design is thinking made visual

–Saul Bass


Specialised in mixed medias – photography, sound and video – as well as editorial design, here are presented some of my most recent works in the visual communication field.

Moving image and Sound
Research – Experimental – Promotional

My video and sound projects could be classified in three categories. First, they may come to support social research as a means to record an observation and represent it in an inventive way. Second, they may be more experimental in the combination of medias as they mainly intend to express concept and sensations. At last, they may be promotional and oriented to communicate a message. Here is a selection of my most recent work in these domains. See more in my Instagram account @thverbal or my Vimeo account.

If you are in China, you may have to activate your VPN to watch some of these videos.

Details of a Street (2020): A recent example of video supporting a research project conducted on the streets of Beijing.

Sounds for Education (2016): An example of sound work supporting a research project conducted on the streets of London.

Lost in Calmness (2022): A recent example of an experimental video on colours, sounds and feelings.

Morning sounds (2022): A series of short videos on representative sounds of my mornings at home.

Street scenes

My photography work mainly depicts street scenes and focuses on strong contrasts, silhouettes, clean compositions and a dark aesthetic that I would associate to a jazz music tone. Here is a selection of my still images experimentation of the past months. See more in my Instagram account @thverbal

Posters – Leaflets – Books

My editorial work aims to display information in a visually structured way on a variety of printed and digital supports, as shown in the leaflets and posters that follow.

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