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Public Experiences

Group Projects

Early 2014, I started a personal project mainly focused on experimenting in public spaces. Alongside my first interventions, I also implemented my creative skills in group projects that were co-created and exhibited on the streets of Barcelona. I thus gathered here different techniques and supports that have been successful in communicating all range of messages. The first project presented hereafter, of summer 2014, was a poetry experiment undertaken with David Millán and Marta Vidal to work with the wheatpaste technique.


Hidden Messages: Graphic Activism

Project designed with David Millán

The overground is a public place where people meet each other everyday, but where it is increasingly difficult to see them talking to each other. Some may prefer to ignore what surround them and look at their phones, while others may just reflect on their daily realities. In this way begins the story of four hidden messages that were produced by dozens and stuck on the main public transport lines of Barcelona.



Posted: July 25th, 2014

The Magic Carpet: Street Performance

Project designed with a group of ELISAVA students


This research workshop aimed to design a “pop-up” carpet that was later provisionally installed on different public spaces of Barcelona – Montjuic, Sants, San Adrià del Besós, and Ciutat Vella. The ephemeral installations aimed to bring the carpets of ancient times, mostly produced with Arabic patterns, into the early twenty-first century, merging graphic design and modern architecture. Each tile was the result of an individual's work to be grouped, as the pieces of a puzzle, when working in these collective performances. At the end of the tile settings, the passer-by could discover a carpet to walk or to sit on, somehow travelling for a change of scenery.


Posted: December 22th, 2014

Somni de Llum: Mapping at the Barcelona City Council

Project designed with Joan Grassot, David Ros, Damià Ramos and René Ponte

The projection of the mapping “Somni de Llum” – Dream of Light – took place in Barcelona during the Santa Eulalia festivities, Llum BCN, in February 2015. This project was the result of a collaboration between the designer Franc Aléu and the ELISAVA School. With five teammates, we developed a two-minute video which was projected on the facade of the Barcelona City Council’s Building. The audiovisual conceptualisation and formalisation of each phase of the project aimed to associate art and technology through a dynamic sequence of images. This mapping work was considered a successful way to invite the public to celebrate the city's festivity.

Posted: February 10th, 2015

From Beijing to Barcelona: Abstract Art Exhibition

Project designed with Chunyao Fang – Pataicola

Pataicola is a Chinese artist from Beijing, who has been exhibiting her artworks in Barcelona's public spaces, until to find the right emplacement in a small street of Gracia's district. The experiment's aim was to find suitable places within the urban realm where to hang the artworks, while taking account of the sunlight, the walls' materials and street's atmospheres that the surround the artist throughout her walk. 

Posted: May 14th, 2016

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