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Design Lab

Design LAB

A collection of ideas

A design LAB does research for and through design, informing ideas that are replicable and part of our everyday life. In 2020, I was recommended the website “Design matin” by Rodolphe Dogniaux, and although his work is no longer available, he would just share his daily design experiments even developing his own theories. As resources for inspiration, every post made people think differently about creativity and, following that spirit, I would like to take further this creative exploration with what design is and could be. As designer, one never ceases to observe, search for inspiration, analyse critically a design or a trend found in the city, acting as design observer, while also developing ideas and creating artifacts, installations or design works, then acting as maker. Observations of what is designed outside combined with an analysis of my own experiments and small-scale design works are to be shown in this LAB collection.

Please note that some articles may not be translated in Spanish or French.

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