On homelessness

Part 2

A shared home: CASA Solidaria Barcelona

Composed by collective testimonies, this video project aims to communicate and portray the values of the CASA Solidaria association, which are to help people who live on the street, offering them food and company. The people who are interviewed are volunteers and users of the association, who together deliver an authentic and deep portrait of their everyday experience.​ The video was presented as a workshop of different phases, aiming to share a strong message of hope.



Posted: December 22th, 2015


Kokoro Lee

Every person has a story. Every life is important.

After the promotional video of the Casa Solidaria association, the Kokoro Lee project was developed in order to use simply tools of visual communication in a personal and professional promotion work of a person who suffers a social exclusion. This project was designed by mutual agreement together with Mateo, a young Congolese coach of martial arts who lives and sleeps in the North Station Park of Barcelona. Since the beginning phase of the project, the use of visual tools was intended to transform, in a creative manner, a social inequality and to encourage a positive change in Mateo's daily environment.




Sport is Life.

Life is beautiful, my brother.

Kokoro Lee

Project 1 : Kokoro Lee Training.

The first phase of the project consisted in describing Mateo’s skills and understanding of sport as a means of personal development. In the following phases of the project, Mateo also received a computing training and promoted his services through two short videos, printed photos, visit cards, a CV and other graphical support. In 2015, Mateo still lives in the street and works in public parks. The Kokoro Lee Training project conveys a message to designers, inviting them to think over their professional responsibility in understanding the actual needs of people and, from this perspective, to orientate the various tools of Design towards the people.



Posted: November 20th, 2015 

Project 2 : Kokoro Lee's Journey, a walk towards a better life.

A walk towards a better life is the name of a story full of strength and perseverance into Mateo’s past, a young Congolese who fled his country in war, in 1995. During more than five years he travelled over different countries across the African continent, until he finally arrived to Spain in 2000. Sixteen years later, Mateo was excited to share his experiences and to bring out his truth: “Make your own luck! Build your personality. You must work hard. You must fight to progress. Keep observing cultures and people's behaviours. Analyse them and start to create good relations around you. I never asked for help. People helped me because they wanted. They liked my honesty and my peaceful way of life.”

Posted: September 9th, 2016