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published art books

Printed in 2023

Pataicola is an art and design studio lab based in Beijing, formed by Chunyao Fang and Thomas Verbal, both visual artists, designers and design lecturers. Pataicola’s main projects engage with different ways of observing social phenomena, experimenting with different representations of such observations and the realisation of visual communication works. Pataicola has designed and published four art books in Beijing in 2023.

只是想喜欢 is an illustrated book that expresses the complex relation between taste and social judgement.

 Traces is a photographic zine about traces of paint, light and signs, all visual textures found on a street area of Chaoyanglu.

Urban visa is a photographic zine that explores manholes as grid patterns and stamps in a fictional urban passport.

In search of silhouettes in the streets of Beijing is a photobook that collects a series of photographs of people’s silhouettes and the stories generated from such search.

We consider some of the prints and photographs to be artworks by themselves and therefore made the following art merchandise in limited editions. For any more information about the books, feel free to contact us by email, whether mine or Chunyao’s.

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