Salvador Allende and Victor Jara

Centro Salvador Allende, Barcelona

On September the 11th, 1973, the militaries overthrew the Chilean President Salvador Allende by a coup d’état, who, after a moving speech diffused by the radio, committed suicide. Every single year in Barcelona, as in a number of cities all over the world, a tribute is paid to Allende, to his social and political ideology. The two mural works exposed tried to accompany the 2014's ceremony, and to create an intimate space for the attendees, visitors and some few exiled Chileans who renew every year their engagements. The tribute was maintained a week later (16th of September 2014) by a new street setting of mural drawings in memory of the Chilean songwriter and musician Víctor Jara, after his assassination savagely perpetrated 41 years ago by the military governors. The two mural works were photo-collages evoking peace, equality, freedom and nature, as common inspiration sources of the musician.



Posted: October 18th, 2014