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Voz y Rostro

Street Opera

El Gran Teatre del Liceu, Gràcia, Barcelona

Voz y Rostro was a film screening on a street of Barcelona as part of a project requested by the Gran Teatre del Liceu Opera House. It sought to visualise by inventive means the experience of listening the opera work La Voix Humaine by Francis Poulenc, to be released in Barcelona during the 2014 – 2015 season. 



"Voice and face" define our human condition. Both express thought and feeling in a way that vocal reactions and facial gestures are blended as one. By observing them carefully, whether they fascinate or bore us, whether they convey joy or distress, they may reflect our unconscious. This video is a two-phase performance, in which twenty-five youngsters were first filmed while listening to an opera fragment of "La voix humaine" by Francis Poulenc. The voice of an anonymous, lonely and desperate woman could be heard as she suffers because her lover has left her for another woman. In a second time, the video was projected on a street of Gracia's district and passers-by were recorded while watching the video and listening to that same voice through headphones. This exercise may be assimilated to an eye watching itself, a voice enjoying its own sound, a thought or feeling judging itself. The aim of this work was to awaken people's curiosity on the ways we observe and communicate our feelings. While the music offers us an invitation to experience deep emotions, the facial reactions of these listeners  – in the first and second phase – also invite us to contemplate ourselves in our human condition.

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