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Wake Up Some.where

DHUB, Design Museum of Barcelona

Wake up Some.where is a workshop that took place in November 2015, as part of the activities of the Fostering Arts and Design organisation (FAD) at the Design Museum of Barcelona. The project consisted to present the Some.where project and to then invite participants to reflect critically on the topics covered, exchanging practical experiences and starting to develop grassroots actions from its outcomes. Forty young professionals –designers, architects, teachers, journalists and anthropologists – from five different European countries participated in this socio-cultural meeting, mobilised to adapt, challenge and imagine alternative responses to current austerity policies through a workshop highlighting the dialectical relationship between Design and Ethnography. 


Workshop: Who are you?


Who are we? Human beings different from one another that breathe the same air and walk the same land together. Seen from the moon, we seem little ants dancing around the trees although the forest hides the tune of a different reality. Each individual observes the leaves in its own way. Some will want to caress the leaves; others will prefer to take them away. In this shared environment, we end up fighting against the air we breathe. However, few explorers coming from Spain, Portugal, Finland, Poland and Bosnia were together under the same starry sky some.where hidden in Barcelona, wishing to change the same social realities. In a first time, the explorers described themselves, writing down their feelings and reflections on a piece of cardboard, and answering few questions asked by the facilitators. Later, they chose a sociological question with which they wanted to work on. They shared it with a peer and both discussed about the subject representing their own visual approach to the question and documenting the research process with a larger focus group. The workshop ended with thirty-seven pieces of puzzle that together created the imagined community, with its enthusiasm, its shyness, its indifference, its humour and passion... A united diversity that ends up creating new questions, new answers, and a carpet of hope at the entrance of the common home of humanity.

Posted: December 4th, 2015

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