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Writing on

Creative Methods

Articles and Observations

‘Writing on creative methods’ is a written section that started with two essays analysing two major events of the year 2014 that pushed me to create this website, as if they were the first two chapters of an unwritten book. In 2021, I started to write shorter texts, whether reports or articles, to provide an inventory of methods, experiments and experiences that I have dealt with to conduct research, teach or create. Methods, whether they are traditional or innovative, qualitative or quantitative, exploratory, generative or evaluative, should address a specific problem and a change may emerge by using them in one or other stage of a project. Therefore, here they are reunited merging theory and practice, in short investigations made at work and in my free time as observer with the purpose to make methods more tangible and replicable. It is one's understanding of their basic characteristics that might develop them further as they are reinterpreted by use, eliciting new ways of doing research.

Please note that some articles may not be translated in Spanish or French.

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