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Essays on Education

Teaching at a pre-degree and BA level

From 2021 to 2022, I studied a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCEi) while working as Design teacher in BACA’s Foundation course in Art, Design and Media practice (FADM). By connecting my studies to my daily practice as educational researcher, it allowed me to start writing essays on education. The first one is a critique of the Foundation course based on my own aims and value. The second is about implementing collaborative learning in context. The third essay is a small-scale qualitative research on students' understanding of the role of research for their idea generation. Since 2022, once the PGCEi finished, I started a Postgraduate in Design for Learning Environments, which also led me to reflect on my practice as design teacher, hence the essays that follow on reconsidering the design process and the reproduction of the elite.

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