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Projects in graphic design, social design, video, sound and photography

Portfolio of personal and professional projects alongside taught workshops

Poster Design
Thinking made visual

My graphic work mainly consists of posters, publications and page layout projects. Often drawing inspiration from street textures to develop my ideas, I create posters that aim to spark some reflection as I experiment with visual ways of communicating messages.

Editorial Design
Art and Design books

Together with Pataicola Art and Design Lab, we have designed a series of zines, art books and photobooks as independent publications, printed and published in Beijing as well as promoted in local and national art festivals and art book fairs.

Social Design
Artefacts and conversations

Social design or a design for social impact is a practice that uses design thinking to solve social problems while engaging individuals and communities. The artefacts designed here have the potential to create positive changes, bring awareness on specific issues, promote inclusivity, and foster a more sustainable future. 

Video and Sound
Visual sociology and visual arts

As visual sociologist, my video and sound work mainly supports social research projects as a means to record observations and represent them in an inventive way. On the other hand, as visual artist, my projects are also experimental in combining medias as they intend to express concepts and sensations. Here is a selection of my most recent work but you can see more in my Instagram @thverbal or my Vimeo account.

If you are in China, you may have to activate your VPN to watch some of these videos.

Details of a Street (2020): A half an hour short film supporting a research project conducted on the streets of Beijing.

Stories from Beijing (2017): Ten short stories telling the intimate relationship between a foreigner and the city of Beijing.

Sounds for Education (2016): An example of sound work supporting a research project conducted on the streets of London.

Lost in Calmness (2022): A short experimental video on colours, sounds and feelings.

Morning sounds (2022): A series of short videos on representative sounds of my mornings at home.

Street scenes

My photography work mainly depicts street scenes, focusing on strong contrasts, silhouettes, clean compositions and a dark aesthetic that I would associate to a jazz music tone. Here is a selection of my visual experimentation since 2021. See more in my Instagram account @thverbal and have a look at my photobook among other photo zines.