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FADM Graphic
Media Design

Teaching and Tutoring
at a pre-degree level

Welcome to BACA's Foundation course in Graphic and Media Design! This digital learning environment is for you to explore the resources and contents of the course. 


Module 1: Design Fundamentals

In this module, each unit is complementary to the projects that you do in the studios as well as independent from them. Each lesson is taught on a weekly basis at BACA depending of our time schedule, so feel free to use this area accordingly. Send me an email or a message in the WeChat group if any question.

In the Resources area, you can find lists of inspiring websites, films, places to visit in Beijing, books on design, a selection of engaging design projects as well as a list of reflective questions to ask yourself when analysing the information collected.

In the Tutorial tasks area, you can find the main task sheets used in tutorials, which are applied to phases of research, development and outcome. These are creative methods that you can download and use based on your needs.

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