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Unit 3
Reflecting on Designers

Fragments of the Past Project

1. Introduction

Researching designers’ works to get inspired and develop our own projects is an essential process to strengthen our design proposals. Unit 3 presents a contextual studies approach where we will only discuss designers and their designs, whether these are directly related to the current project or well-renowned designers that you need to know to shape your design knowledge and culture.

2. Learning outcomes

By the end of this unit, you will be able to:

> Understand different designers’ works

> Explore designer’s ideas and methods

> Analyse and evaluate others’ works

> Explore graphic design through projects

> Explore renowned graphic designers

Lesson 1: Exploring memories

Lesson 2: 

Lesson 3: 


Lesson 1
Exploring memories

Lesson 3-1

1. Inspired by a design project

When I am asked to mention a designer that I find inspiring to recommend to my students so they get also inspired, I recall Curro Claret, an industrial designer based in Barcelona. In 2015, when I still was a student, the project La Pieza T300 inspired me for my bachelor’s FMP in how a designed tool can allow a variety of actions.

2. Fragments of the Past

What projects could discuss memories and identity? Have a look at some of the examples that I suggest for this topic and ask yourself some questions when analysing them:

1. Analyse your reaction to the work: How does this work inspire you? 

2. Evaluate the designer’s intentions: What is successful about the work? Why?

3. Analyse the relation between this work and yours: Why do you find it interesting for your own project?


Choose one of the projects presented and analyse it in your sketchbook.

> How does this work inspire you?

> What is successful about the work? Why? 

> Why do you find it interesting for your own project?

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