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Change of function

Repurposed objects

Two million years ago, the first men began to use chipped stones for cutting and smashing, being one of the first tools designed to satisfy the basic needs of these early times. In the material world we live in today, we have an increasingly definite idea of ​​the function of the objects we use every day. We associate a shape with a function and we hope that such object will fulfil the task for which it was designed. However, there are situations in which an object is subjected, temporarily or permanently, to a change in function by its user. One may take a cushion to kill a mosquito, a polystyrene box to make a flowerpot, a key to remove the wax from an ear. Examples are numerous and can be common or totally unexpected. Therefore, the research that I propose in this section will seek to search, compile and analyse these examples in which changes of function occur by the means of different categories, to later be able to study the subject in more depth. This theme submitted here is my great passion for years and by working on it I aim to attain a level of theorisation that would, in my opinion, allow a better understanding, rather creative, of the material world.

Please note that some articles may not be translated in Spanish or French.

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